How I Stopped My Tooth Decay and Gum Recession

How I Stopped My Tooth Decay and Gum RecessionJust a couple of years ago I was afraid to lose my teeth, I couldn't chew anything, and my gums were receding at an alarming rate. Luckily, I managed to turn things around and now my teeth and gums are healthy and strong. This video is about a few simple things that transformed my dental health. Hope you find it informative and inspiring!


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1. Aunty Keli
OLOHA VitaLivesFree,
I just came upon your channel.  I am disabled and bedridden.  I have been disabled now for 17+ years from a bad sporting accident.  Unfortunately, it has left me with permanent nerve damage from the waist-down.  Thankfully, I can still walk, but it's difficult.  It's also very painful to sit upright so I lay on my side for most of the day/night.  Because of my sedentary life, I am now 208 pounds (I was very trim and athletic before my accident)  I am tired of existing. I WANT TO LIVE! I know that if I don't change something in my life, I don't think I will survive another five years.  
I desperately need help with changing my life and I know that diet and such is a mandatory if I'm going to live.  Can you point me in the right direction or can we get together and brainstorm what I can do to try and get my body changed from existing to living?  Let me know.  I'm also losing my hair and all my molars! PLEASE help me.  Any assistance you would be willing to provide (information etc) I would be most grateful.
Thank you so much for taking the time and consideration my request.  I SUBSCRIBED and gave your videos a big THUMBS UP.  I look forward to watching all of your published videos (I'll have my notebook ready to take down notes) :-D  I also look forward to watching future videos as well.
Oh my, dis old Aunty rote a book! ;-)  (It must be my Hawai'ian proclivity to talk story) Take care, stay safe and thank you for sharing all your knowledge and your amazing aloha spirit with others. and for making me feel hopeful!
- AuntyKeli ;-)
2. I just want to ask a question
Can you please tell me what your tooth cavities looked like, were they white, brown or black? Were they just on the surface of your tooth enamel or did they go through to the Dentin? Any pain or sensation from them?I have been oil pulling twice a day with coconut oil for over 6 months now and love it, best thing I ever discovered. I do add a drop of clove oil. I also use a water pik once a day, floss once a day and use home made toothpaste (But I am open to using flouride toothpaste again if I see a decline in my oral health) and a soft bristle brush twice a day. Rinse with salt water after every meal, suck Xylitol after a meal. I found out 3 weeks ago that I do have one cavity, black and on the last Molar, about 2mm in size, no pain but I do not know how deep it goes. Apparently they take months or years to develop so it may have been there a while.I supplement with Vit D and Vit K2 Mk7 which is supposed to make sure the calcium goes to where it should. I will look into magnesium after you mentioned it.
3. F. Brigette
Switching regular toothpaste with organic virgin coconut oil mixed with drops of peppermint oil worked for me. Within 1.5 - 2 months I noticed a big difference. Teeth felt thicker, harder, stronger and gum recession reversed. Gum line looked A LOT better and I felt more confident with my smile. Weird at first to brush teeth with coconut oil, but you get used to it, and once you see results you prefer it. Spit oil into waste bin when brushing so it doesn't clog your sink pipe. If it's hot where you live store coconut oil in a jar with an air tight lid to avoid any mess. Coconut oil turns into liquid at about 24°C.
I always floss before brushing my teeth to loosen any wedged pieces of food. Kinda gross to brush teeth without flossing first unless each tooth is gapped. Also, eating a clean whole foods diet contributes to the healing.
Amazing how a simple, inexpensive and natural product can do wonders.
4. Matlockization
That was your first mistake, you went full retard by going vegetarian. You should disclose to everyone your diet history. It would explain stupidity getting caught up in a popular fad. While I was watching your video I was flossing my teeth. Sometimes I go too far resulting in a little blood but after 5 mins the leak disappears. I think rocket and apple are good for gums as they provide a bitter white coating. Also getting some air in your gums speeds up healing. My gums are bullet proof.
5. Killing Floor Blues
I was gonna ask you if you needed some help spraying that magnesium oil on your body, buuuuuutttttt then I noticed you're​ married, then heard you talk about your hubby(lucky guy)😏. Ooooh well, SOooo I won't ask🙊.
Are you familiar with vitamin K-2? Are you familiar with Jarrows' 'Bone up' supplement? So you suggest consuming healthy starches? Me too. regarding affirmations, it sounds like you might be familiar with Abraham / Hicks?
6. Erik Ament
I think flossing helps remove stuff from teeth that is close together.  You don't have to get close to the gums if that bothers you.  I bought natural toothpaste with sea salt.  Before that, I made my own with himylan salt.  My teeth seem just as clean.  The salt has minerals in it.  I saw someone in another video talk about fluoride gets clogged in your thyroid and can cause hair to fall out.
7. Erik Ament
Now, how do you get your tooth to stop hurting under your filling without going to get a new filling or a crown?  Also, one person I saw mentioned mixing iodine and water and using a waterpik.  They also said brushing with iodine can rebuild the enamel.  Another guy said mix trisodium phosphate, baking soda, and water and use it as mouthwash.  I think that channel was HerbsPlusBeadsWorks.
8. Rae Rael ラエ・ラエル
VivaLivesFree, if you understand and read Russian, I would highly recommend to check out Arkady Petrov a Roman Gireilo (Роман Гирейло) and their teaching of "Tree of Life" (Drevo Zhizni, they have detailed method on oral health through consciousness. I perceive what they offer is the future of medicine ! You may greatly benefit from it.
9. Tissa Senanayake
I am 50 and I have a mouthful of bad teeth. Sensodyne toothpaste gives me some relief and hope it continues. When I was  young I had a bad habit of using my teeth to chew on anything I got hold of, wood, plastic and cardboard. I think a lot of kids do it, a bad habit that will most definitely ruin all your teeth when you grow older.
10. Charles Steiner
I really didn't enjoy listening to a litany of your health complaints and miseries.  Too much.  But I thank you for providing your independent findings.